From common ground to higher ground

At the outset of any dispute, both parties are typically looking to minimize the damage. To cut their loses and retain as much as possible moving forward. Often, a sense of enmity prevails. We work to turn ‘them vs. us’ into ‘we’ through a truly collaborative approach that reveals personal and shared aspirations to create a win-win situation. Our goal is to have both parties move as quickly as possible to the next stage with understanding, confidence and enthusiasm.

Resolution without regret

A successful resolution is one that brings both parties a sense of winning, but also with a new sense of what winning really is. We focus not on minimizing loss, but on maximizing gain. We show how an unfortunate and unwelcome situation can form the foundation for positive action and a fresh perspective. You will find us open, honest, without bias and with a passion not only for resolving the situation, but enhancing it.

Getting off to a good start

Our goal is to present you with a fresh sheet of paper on which to write an exciting new chapter in your personal or business life. With the past resolved, the present dealt with fairly and the future filled with promise.

Court resolution

If parties fail to resolve their dispute through collaboration and mediation, we obtain resolution in court by assisting the parties through the legal system using our legal training, expertise and experience. 

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