Separation & Divorce

When couples separate, whether through divorce or separation, they are presented with many personal and legal challenges not anticipated or even contemplated on the day of their marriage.

They will have to address their emotional and psychological needs, as well as those of their children, work out child support, spousal support and divide the matrimonial assets they have accumulated. These challenges will test the patience, insecurities and fears of the parties, and they and the children may also require counseling to give them the necessary skills to move on.

At SettleAssistâ„¢ we have experienced and skilled family lawyers who have assisted many clients to recognize and understand the challenges confronting them by giving them sound legal advice and referring them to various other professionals for counseling etc.

We recommend the best resolution options to the client after assessing the intensity of the conflict between the parties. In the event that a couple is unable to resolve the issues through mediation and collaboration, our lawyers will advise and assist them to navigate their dispute through the court system to bring it to a resolution.

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