• We move in. You move on.


Setting a path for the future

Every personal or business dispute is rooted in a relationship and when it breaks down, various collateral legal issues arise.

Two sides of a once successful partnership that have at least some history of shared purpose and goals. This “common ground” is easily overlooked or lost in the heat of the moment, but it is the first thing we seek to reveal and re-establish as we help our clients arrive at a mutually satisfactory result. Our goal is a resolution that enables and empowers both parties to move forward with confidence and without acrimony or regret.

Getting it right without the wait

At SettleAssist™, we work to resolve disputes outside the courtroom. Solving problems takes precedence over filing papers. Our way is through a dialogue delivered in confidence and without compromise. It’s a less stressful, more comfortable and far more cost-efficient way to help couples and companies move on without becoming bogged down in the legal system. While the courts look to the past, we focus on the future, and bring as much equity and as many resources to it as possible. Every day we prove that coming to an agreement can be an enlightening and empowering experience.

In the event there is no “meeting of the minds,” we assist our clients to navigate a path through the courts to bring the dispute to an end.

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