Mediation is an assisted negotiation between parties, allowing parties to be actively involved in the resolution of their dispute. While courts serve an important role in resolving legal disputes, the litigation process can be time consuming, complex and expensive. Mediation is a desirable alternative as it can be useful to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom to ensure privacy and confidentiality. It also allows for the development of creative solutions, which may not be possible for a judge to grant a party in the courtroom.

This alternative, out-of-court process provides parties a different route to resolve their disputes both quickly and affordably. Mediation occurs between two willing parties who are committed to resolving their dispute. At SettleAssist™ our lawyers, who are also trained Mediators, will assist parties in understanding the legal issues and evaluating their options. Once both parties have agreed to a resolution, our lawyers will draft the agreement reflecting the settlement of the dispute and any other necessary documents to conclude the matter. While this is generally an effective process, in the event that the dispute is not resolved the parties still retain the right to have their dispute heard in court.

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